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Overview Of Services
At The Credit Pros, we know the credit restoration process can be a confusing ordeal for people.  This is why we’ve developed a system of one-on-one consultations and personalized guidance to make our clients feel at ease with the knowledge they are in good hands.  We are a small company backed by years of experience, and stay committed to being at the forefront of the ever changing credit laws and guidelines.

What We Do
By developing a keen understanding of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, credit expert Jason Kaplan has constructed a unique and effective method of removing and correcting all inaccurate, unverifiable collections, charge-offs judgments, foreclosures, late payments and other negative items from credit reports. In addition to our work disputing information with the bureaus, we also work diligently on forcing the collection companies who hold claim to the debt, to prove it’s validity within the terms of the law

What It Costs:
At The Credit Pros, there are no “hidden fees”, or unreasonable large upfront payments.  We have two affordable billing models to choose from:

Monthly Unlimited: $119 for your audit/first-work fee, and $99 monthly for work completed the previous month. 

PayForDeletion Plan: $119 for your audit/first-work fee, and $50 per confirmed deletion per bureau of major derogatory items, $75 per confirmed deletion per bureau of judgments and tax liens

How We Do It
Upon signup, one of our credit specialists will pull your credit report from all three credit bureaus.   You will receive a call from the owner of The Credit Pros, Jason Kaplan ., for a one-on-one consultation to review each item on your report.  He will lay out a clear course of action and our team will begin your dispute process.   You will begin to see items removed from your credit report within the first 30-45 days.

How Can You Help?
You are the key to your credit repair success!  By mail, you will be receiving all of the mail correspondence from the credit bureaus, your creditors, and collection agencies.  It is very important that you make copies and send us each and every piece of information that you receive to our mailing address listed below:

The Credit Pros

60 Park Place Suite 200

Newark, NJ 07102

Special Discounts:
Couples Discount:  Couples now receive a 20% discount when signing up for The Credit Pros credit restoration services.  Select the “Couple’s Discount” button when ordering.  If you are already a member, and wish to take advantage of this offer, please call 800.411.3050 and let the billing department know.

Refer-A-Friend:  All members who refer a friend or family member will receive a free month of service.  Please be sure to instruct your friend or family member to call 800.411.3050 after joining to give our billing department your name for proper credit.
Why We’re Different:
Unlike most credit repair services out there, The Credit Pros Intl provides these services at no additional cost:
One on One consultation with a Certified Credit Consultant
Unlimited disputes
Goodwill letters to creditors
Debt Validation letters to creditors
Letter of Recommendation
Cease and Desist Letters to Collection Agencies
24/7 access to your case manager

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